Instauration cover design   Review of   Wilmot Robertson's Instauration Magazine of 1975-2000   Very interesting time capsule of Jewish-related revisionist news items from 1975-2000.
Available online. Generally good surveys. Searching is not simple. I disliked the gung-ho aspect. May perhaps have been compromised.     Update 5th March 2018
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Many readers of this review will be Jew-aware: they will understand ZOG, Jewish media control, the psychology and behaviour of so-called Jews, and, perhaps in particular, the Jewish fraud of the 'Holocaust'. But many will be recent converts. Instauration gives an opportunity to travel back in time to 1975-2000, read headlines and articles which you missed—because they didn't appear in the 'mainstream' media. And, for older readers, to reconsider views you may have held at the time. Younger readers might contemplate the massive negligence of their elders. has PDF files of all the issues of Instauration. It spanned the quarter-century 1975-2000. These PDF files can be downloaded; they take up a bit more than 2 gigabytes, and normal search engines will index them accurately enough, though the newspaper format isn't easily searched unless you have a specific keyword. There's also an index of contents of issues, but only to December 1987, a PDF version of the a printed book, in three columns, I'd guess perhaps made by an IBM PC. That index runs from A.M. Ebony Co, the A-Team, Aaron A through to Zyklon B, Johan van Zyl, and two Zyverbergs. This is quite a bit less than the full run, as later issues are not only bigger but often two-parters per month.

Many of the pieces are uncredited; presumably written by Wilmot Robertson. The business manager, Howard Allen, advertised books, by Arthur Keith, Raymond B Cattell (and many articles about him; as indeed there are about Carroll Quigley), Madison Grant, and Baker's Race, Raspail's Camp of the Saints ('.. identifies all the culprits, all the minorities, groups, cliques and lobbies but one—the one that is most culpable..'—meaning Jews) and also Robertson's books:–
The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson. [1915-2005; real name Humphrey Ireland. He also wrote The Ethnostate]
    No one who reads this all-encompassing study of the American predicament will ever again view his country in the same light. The author brilliantly recounts the tragedy of a great people, the Americans of Northern European descent, who founded and built the U.S. and whose decline is the chief cause of America's decline. Although replete with cogent criticism of the people and events which have brought America low, the book ends on a positive, optimistic note, which envisions a resurgent American Majority liberating its institutions from the control of intolerant intellectuals innately programmed to destroy what they could never create.
    Over 100,000 copies sold. [No publication dates given; Amazon says 1st edition 1973]. Updated, expanded edition; 613 pages, index, bibliography, 1,000 footnotes. Hardcover, $25; softcover, $10. Condensed paperback Popular Edition, 364 pages, no scholarly frills, $3.95
Instauration is like a pre-Internet blog, main articles, not too long, flanked by bits: its harshness, which may be mimicry by people who have never seen anything else, reminds me of the Jewish 'news' media's dislike of almost every person, country, and event not under Jewish control. And Instauration reminds me (British) of Private Eye in its bittiness, and suggestion of familiarity with secret sources. And it's a little like TheOccidentalObserver now: Robertson's writing (plus others' edited work; and short comments from readers) on daily politics, largely American, but with plenty from Europe. Instauration has repeated features, such as Talking Numbers and Watching Primates and The Safety Valve (for irate readers) and Cholly Bilderberger (miscellaneous notes largely about New Yorkers and Jews). Stirrings were notes from supporters in many American cities.
    Stylistic evidence suggests Robertson may have studied traditional classics; he certainly has little understanding of science. There's a slightly amateur feel of black-and-white paste-up work from early word-processor and/or perhaps IBM Composer or some earlier typewriter. It was a mail-order product, published by Howard Allen in Cape Canaveral. (Yes, in Florida!) The title means something like initiating a restart.* Whether the project became financially self-supporting isn't clear: circulation figures aren't given. It's possible it went along in an uneventful way, rarely stepping outside its readership circle, like a modern blog with a hit-rate deemed to be satisfactory.

PDF downloads aren't entirely simple to search, at least with the free Acrobat PDF software. Windows 7 can't search the contents. Desktop searchers can, but not display them. Or anyone can Google (e.g.) 'Instauration Jimmy Carter', but get large PDFs, typically 8 Megabytes, which have to be searched. These tiresome methods may become unnecessary: the Instauration website has promised to improve—I hope they find some way to make searching simpler, and their files integrate better into search engines.
    Anyway, here's a selection from browsing the 340-or-so PDFs (something like 7,500 pages!):–
US Presidents: Nixon Impeachment 1974. Gerald Ford 1974-1977. Jimmy Carter 1977-1981. Ronald Reagan 1981-1989. George H. W. Bush 1989-1993. Bill Clinton 1993-2001. George W. Bush 2001-2009.
UK Prime Ministers: Harold Wilson 1974-1976. James Callaghan 1976-1979. Margaret Thatcher 1979-1990. John Major 1990-1997. Tony Blair 1997-2007.
CIA Directors: William Colby 1973-1976. George H.W. Bush 1976-1977. Adm. Stansfield Turner 1977-1981. William Casey 1981-1987. William Webster 1987-1991. Robert Gates 1991-1993. R. J. Woolsey 1993-1995. John Deutch 1995-1996. George Tenet 1997-2004.
Very first issue (Dec 1975) has no mission statement that I could find, though clearly there had been an advertising flyer for readers and subscriptions. Reading the readers-to-be comments, my impression was that Instauration means the fighting-back and recovery of whites, whom they call 'The Majority', responding to the 1965 Immigration Act. Related to this is the activity of Jews world-wide, though the logical links aren't made very clear. This first issue has articles on Economics and Race, 'Economics' mostly meaning textbooks, including Samuelson's; Namibia as a possible black homeland, in which some misled optimist thinks uranium power can make enough freshwater from the sea to feed that arid area; and a continuing play 'The Game and the Candle' dramatising the US from 1912-1960.
    It has a good Holohoax overview, the origin being assigned to Paul Rassinier. It's a highly competent piece, including the complete suppression of anti-'Holocaust' books by the 'mainstream' media over twenty years. It includes French and German revisionists, Noontide Press and so on. And this thread continues: for example in 1986 Feb pt 2, we find the IHR, Zündel, Robert Faurisson, Ugo Walendy, Serge Thion, Did Six Million Really Die?, Butz's Hoax of the 20th Century and David Irving.
    Interesting to look back on then-new publications: April 1993 John C. Ball's Air Photo Evidence: Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek, Sobibor, Bergen-Belsen, Belzec, Babi Yar, Katyn Forest (Published 1992. Mail order address in Canada). As mentioned in Sept 1994 Deborah Lipstadt's The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory (Published 1993. Jewish publisher). This was the book that prompted David Irving into his libel action.
    July 1988 pt 1 has the first appearance of Fred Leuchter, in Zündel's Second Trial
    And the meta-importance of this hugely lucrative and influential anti-white Jewish fraud: 1983 Aug pt 1 ' ... If, as is currently projected, the population of West Germany declines to about half the current 61 million in the next century, then the Holocaust will, in the long run, have helped to kill far more Germans that it allegedly killed Jews. For Western man at this stage in his history there is no more important task of historical investigation and effort than an impartial, objective and exhaustive examination of this question. If the verdict substantiates Jewish claims, the West must still confront the issue of whether its own decline and deterioration is an appropriate punishment. If Jewish claims are not substantiated, then the cause of those of us who seek to preserve the people and the civilization of the West from extinction, will receive an impetus of almost limitless significance and power. ...'

This first issue is (in my view) naively 'patriotic', in the sense cultivated since 1916 by Jews in the USA. Plenty of simple Americans believed the Depression was natural, 'Pearl Harbor' a complete surprise, nuclear weapons and the moon landings triumphs of American science (rather than of Jewish fraudulence and bribeability of Americans). Here's a sentence illustrating how unawareness spread to every part of the white US psyche: '... the American CIA which, so effective in Angola, was strangely ineffective in Cuba. ...' where the Castro-as-Marrano idea, Cuba as a Jewish preserve, is very obviously absent. Probably Instauration was tolerated partly because it exposed the limitations of would-be radicals: if Jews had some murder policy in (say) Uganda, they could watch for press appearances: if there were none, another triumph of Jewish evil. For the same reason, it may be worth studying now for omissions in addition to its overt content.
    Very last online issue (Feb 2000) has no closing statement. Disappointingly, it seems much the same as the first issue, in fact. Evita Peron, Panama, and other issues don't show any increase in definition as to what 'American interests' genuinely are, surely something legitimate? No wonder self-obsessed fanatical Jews who never even think about others appear to have done well from this outlook: all they have to do is say such-and-such a war or law is in the US public interest. The February 2000 issue has an announcement of the 4th 'American Renaissance' conference in Reston, Virginia, with talks by Jared Taylor, the late J Philippe Rushton and Richard Lynn. Blacks and Jews, 'Reconquista' of California, the 'McPherson Report' in Britain (Macpherson Report on British police, and racism...), the Front Nationale... Where is the general survey of Jews across the world? Nowhere that I could see. Where is the attempt to separate Jewish war crimes from US troops war crimes? Nowhere. It's now 2014 and indeed 2000—shortly to see the 9/11 fraud—had no white breakthrough.
    Without expecting too much, or even being sure Instauration hadn't been compromised, as it may well have been, and/or had trolls submit material, let's look at more contents:

Just browsing: Names from 1975-2000: Jewish activities and beliefs and attitudes are worth a look: Federal Reserve/Fed, Haman, kol nidre, Wagner perhaps, legions of Cohens and Levys, Golda Meir, Begin, Shamir, Talmud, Yom Kippur, 'Lubavitcher rebbe', Simon Weisenthal, slumlords, Shoah (TV) and so on carry their unsubtle suppressed messages. Then half-forgotten names: H L Mencken? Ignatz Bubis? Jesse Helms? Morley Safer? Lech Valensa? Sefton Delmer? ['A British propagandist'.] Stephen Wise? Tirza Porat? Golda Meir? Rodney King? Walter Cronkite? Eugene Rostow? William Shockley? Donald Swan? Arthur Jensen? Joe Sobran? William F. Buckley? etc - get an Instauration insight. David Duke appears fairly evenly throughout the archive, marking the impressions he made at those times. The 'Holodomor' does not appear; Intifada does. Or Jewish names: Sassoon? Rothschild? Or, say, states and towns: Alabama, California, Alaska, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York (immigration into New York's districts; Jackson Heights; fights; illegals), Denver, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia (remember that luxury housing project? I can't relocate the entry, though), Amsterdam. Or countries/regions: Scots railway managers in South America; Yugoslavia? Kosovo, Serbia, Denmark, Qatar, Rhodesia, Namibia, Bangladesh, and South Africa. Or characters: for no good reason, I was surprised to find Rasputin (who claimed he could have stopped the First World War). And surprised to find Lord Longford. John Tyndall's book is reviewed in Nov 1988 part 1. Eisenhower, Truman, Churchill, Hitler, of course. Or authors: Spengler, for example, or Thomas Dixon of The Clansman, or E O Wilson, of Sociobiology. I noticed Life and Loves of a She-Devil; The Kenny Everett Show; and Titanic: because Jews control so much of the U.S. media, film, TV and book title searches may well find some tidbit or other. Encyclopaedia Britannica? Littleton School killings? Australian films? Crack cocaine? 'Assault rifles'?
    If you can find a fairly easy way to search, you may find a key, from 1975-2000, unlocking part of your world-view: why not reconsider Newt Gingrich? Ralph Nader? Phil Donahue? The Beatles, for that matter?
    Examples of contents:
    1977 July Racism in English Literature. Mostly of course dislike of Jews in Chaucer etc. (Instauration is not Shakespeare-authorship aware!)
    1985, July pt 1: H L Mencken shortish piece on what Mencken said about Jews (and also what he said about everyone else). The title 'Was He...?' refers to 'anti-Semitism' (this phrase still used widely in Instauration) rather than whether Mencken thought he was Jewish.
    July 1987 Nick Griffin (aged 26) interview.
    1988, Dec pt 1 Trying to make sense of the ancestry of Americans - notes on the US Census.
    1988 Nov pt 1 Bangladesh: the size of Wisconsin, population more than 100 million. 'Foreign aid is by far the biggest industry in Bangladesh. Some 80 private aid agencies have moved in, along with various official government commissions, most of them connected to the United Nations.'
    March 1990 Lady Mosley (Diana Mitford) Exclusive interview. '... The idea of the black shirt, which is now so condemned, was that wherever you came from, whatever your class, you could buy this shirt for a couple of shillings and nobody would know what your background was! ..'

1983, Sept: Part two of a piece on Franz Boas and Margaret Mead, sparked by Derek Freeman Margaret Mead and Samoa: The Making and Unmaking of an Anthropological Myth, 55 years after Coming of Age in Samoa, which deceived a generation or two. Robertson correctly identifies the Jew Emile Durkheim as the 'godfather of "social anthropology."' By 1926, '... one of Judaism's great "secular rabbis" [i.e. Boas] had gotten his prize pupils, mostly Jews, into all the key anthropological positions! ... [and they] took control of several of the leading anthropological journals and associations and used them to drive the Nordic eugenicists who had dominated the field only a decade earlier into the outer darkness of moral vilification.' Robertson goes on to a critique of Derek Freeman, 'half-informed, or biding his time?' all reading very much like Kevin MacDonald.
    Although the Frankfurt School hardly appears, the issues were well-known. MacDonald's Culture of Critique is reviewed March 1999. 'The Pathologization of Gentile Group Alliances' and Theodor Adorno's Authoritarian Personality are in there. At that time the price was $65 for the hardcover. At that time, print-on-demand meant comb-binding or staples; now, the process has improved so that print-on-demand books aren't very different from ordinary trade books.

Money and the Fed (Federal Reserve). Instauration had no idea of the part played by paper money and its 'loan' to the US government. From the Jewish point of view, they make money on debt, and have every reason to waste money on fraudulent or useless projects, including wars. To be fair, not many people before Internet (born, in, say, 1995) have ever got that far. Here's a short irritated comment (May 1989) on an earlier piece (Nov 1998, 'Elusive but not Collusive Fed'): 'I could scarcely believe the incredible inanity of the Federal Reserve article (Nov. 1988). It reads for all the world like a typical Establishment apologia of the type one finds in the National Review. Regarding what the article terms the "fairy tale" that the Fed was the brainchild of Paul Warburg, the memoirs of both WASP Senator Carter Glass and Majority banker Frank Vanderlip (both of whom were at the secret Jekyll Island confab) confirm the seminal role of Warburg in the creation of the Fed. You have once again allowed yourself to be mesmerized by the presence of a few degenerate, silk-stocking "shabbas goyim," whom the Jews love to use as window dressing to front for their subterranean masters. William Greider, on whose book you base your article, is almost certainly a Jew, and the publisher, Simon and Schuster, is, of course, a Jewish outfit and therefore, understandably anxious to play down the Jewish role in the creation of America's Central Bank.'
    Instauration must have felt uneasy with their November 1988 article; it's followed immediately by 'Notes from a Cynic', written by a subscriber. It's worth reading all three pieces. But note that the whole idea, the whole way Jews use the system to profit from goyim, is missing. Hence, perhaps, the lack of puncturing of the following attitude:

Gung-Ho Attitude to War: In "Izzy's Attic Salt" (Instauration, June 1983), you might have given I.F. Stone's real moniker, Isador Feinstein. You might have also mentioned that scholar Izzy graduated 49th in his high-school class of 52 and was a University of Pennsylvania dropout. He is not only an ex-Stalinist, but before he put in a "few words" for Palestinians, he was a raging Zionist. As for his understanding of history, Izzy believes that the U.S. conspired with South Korea to start the Korean War. (From August 1983. I F Stone's book The Hidden History of the Korean War was never reviewed in Instauration). Robertson's readers mostly seem to still be uncritical about US wars. John Pilger's books (and 'white Australia' policy) get a couple of mentions (1990, 1991)
    The Vietnam War went on for years, made Jews fortunes both in manufacturing and using up bombs, planes, chemical warfare stuff; and building bases etc; and using control of US paper money to buy up and control assets and earn a percentage on the 'loan'! White deaths suit them, Vietnamese deaths suit them. But the stranglehold of Jewish media meant these issues were undiscussed, and still are. This is an aspect of Jewish media control that Robertson does not (I think) debate or understand. The same attitude is, or was, common in Britain: they love having bombed Germany, but have no real idea of what happened there. Some still love Churchill. Unlike Jews, who it is wrongly considered 'won't pull their share of the military burden—particularly in wartime'. It's not a burden for them!
    There's an account somewhere in Instauration of a US occupation soldier in Japan, using a local woman as a mistress. Her house had been burnt to the ground, along with her husband and most of her family. Obviously, the author had no clue as to why the USA declared war on Japan. This, and the viciousness of following orders under mechanised warfare, is exploited by Jews.
    Jewish planning and money-making, and viciousness of white Americans, make up a powerful mix which most Americans are still too naive to understand: it's all part of the anti-white policy of Jews, and after all it worked in Germany, which is still an occupied country, subject to endless vilification and lies. Here's a concise comment taken from Youtube; if you're American, and don't understand it, please wake up; America is hated around the world!: Caroline Obanga, 21 Jan 2014: Haha i laugh when your genocidal american cunts get killed...a country founded on slavery and genocide and kills million even today.

1977, July: Roots, attributed to Alex Haley. Some detail on this fraud, with some detail on Gambia. I don't think I'd known that Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1977, January) is largely false. John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me isn't mentioned, nor is Paton's Cry the Beloved Country. 1985 July Cosby Show: not black at all. 1980, November Otto Frank died 'probably highest paid literary forger of all time'.

1983, Aug, part 2: Any Majority member [i.e. white reader] who has walked through a crowd of black bucks poring through a densely packed shelf of "skin books," featuring page after page of unclad white women, must have pondered the long-term implications. The blonde, blue-eyed woman is the ultimate visual display, not just for a pimp like Hugh Hefner, but for pornography as a whole. Those who would deny this only delude themselves. In a recent "Nightline" program, a black prisoner told of taping a Playboy centerfold to the back of a white man being gang-raped.
    Instauration has mentioned frequently its disgust with pornography and the minority merchants thereof. How about a Southern woman's viewpoint on the subject? I declare that the Chosen and other minorities have control of and dominate the pornography business. But I also declare they couldn't stay in business very long without all those "blue-eyed blondes" who, after all, are hardly forced to pose for such degrading pictures. Instauration may be flogging the wrong cat.

1986, Oct: South Africa has 18 million blacks, of whom about 800 met a violent death last year. Cook County (IL) has about 2 million blacks, of whom about 900 are killed each year and nobody thinks much about it. The rate per capita for black violent deaths is 10 times higher in Cook County than it is in South Africa. In Zamboanga in the Philippines, with 387,000 people and 333 deaths, browns are killing each other at 19 times the rate of blacks in Cook County. Shouldn't Congress vote sanctions against the Philippines and Cook County and insist that American firms withdraw their businesses from these areas?
    1994 marked the first all-race elections in South Africa. Joe Slovo's last mention in Instauration was 1994, for some reason. So was Kasrils'. Soweto has numerous mentions, but it too stopped appearing after 1994. 'Mandela' appears far more often than his Jewish promoters.
    Rhodesia when it still had that name has many references. Including Cecil Rhodes being funded by a Jew who selected him in Africa as promising material.
    Africa was reported (by Jimmy Carter) to have wars throughout the whole continent from the north-east to south-west. Instauration doesn't say much about the bullying and violence of the USA (or perhaps of the Jews running it). Or of course who profits. But there is some material about it.

1985 July pt 1 'An ex-Liberal teacher tells all' We were told of the insoluble problems and difficulties encountered in attempting to impose simple skills on students with IQs in the 70s and 80s. 'Affirmative action', 'debates' such as they were on IQ by such people as Stephen Jay Gould, and genetics and race appear here and there in Instauration. It has been technically fairly easy for years for actual scripts to be uploaded onto Internet. I hope this happens, since it will either be reassuring, or genuinely terrifying, and, with luck, will prompt a reaction.
    1983 Sept uneducational education, followed by West Indian flunkers. (This is a popular theme: flunked, flunkers, flunk, and punishments for teachers flunking blacks, though disproportionate black violence and anti-white crime in the USA is another depressing staple. So is the south—and its representation by Jewish film-makers).
Crime. Huge numbers of entries, including black crime and appearances of Jesse Jackson, and blacks acting both in sports and crime. Jewish frauds are more common, but harder to search, because of the great variety of types of fraud.
    Aug 1999 Advertises The Color of Crime (published by the New Century Foundation). There's a summary of a few conclusions, including deliberate statistical lies such as conflating Hispanics with whites, and only counting whites in 'racially motivated' or 'hate' crimes, and not working out crime rates per head.

Jews appear throughout the archive, passim as people used to say. Here's a tiny sample:–
    Dec 1976 Circumcision Conspiracy by Nicholas Carter.
    Dec 1976 White Collar(?) Crime [ie Jewish]
    1977 Apr First mention of Saul Alinsky, in a piece on city neighbourhoods. Already predicting U.S. cities collapsing.
    Mar 1978 First mention (there aren't many) of the USS Liberty. So many crimes have been committed since 1948 in setting up the privateer state of Israel it is doubtful if the top dozen officials in the U.S. in recent years could have escaped going to jail if the laws had been enforced. Even J Edgar Hoover cooperated openly with Zionist lawbreaking. International morality has been so battered by the "special case" of Israel that heinous crimes are now saluted as heroic acts and it is politically de rigueur for the accomplices of the crimes be honored instead of prosecuted. Menahem Begin, a butcher of Palestinian women and children, is feted by our "human rights" president, and one-eyed Moshe Dayan, who probably ordered the sinking of the USS Liberty, jets about the country like a visiting hero.
    May 1982 'Slumlords': Brief piece from law reports on a 'torchbroker' Jew: ... six fires which had risked the lives of tenants and firefighters. ... Even this flagrant case of what blacks call "Jewish lightning" netted Samuel Biller ['concentration camp survivor'] only "up to five years" and David Kaye "up to three."
    Dec 1982 Sabra and Shatila: murders by Jews
    1984 Mar pt 1 Germany Must Perish by Theodore Kaufman is perhaps the most barbarous book ever written, a genocidal cry of truly Talmudic vengeance from beginning to end. (Time magazine praised this book in March and December, 1941 ...).
    Nov 1984 King David Hotel, bombed by Jews
    Dec 1984 long piece on the Jewish fraud Elie Weisel
    Aug 1985 pt 2 Crypto-Jews, e.g. Colin Powell. Philippe de Rothschild and Joan Littlewood
    June 1986 Nuremberg: Americans were stalking horses for Jewish and Russian vengeance
    July 1988 pt 1 Mossad and murders of Palestinians synchronised with Anne Frank on TV [by jewish controllers]
    June 1989 onwards Susan Sontag, 'New York critic' was discovered by Instauration
    March 1990 Henry Morgenthau Jr.. Secretary of the Treasury, with Harry Dexter White, Under-Secretary. and Harold Glasser, all in charge of the Treasury, gave the Russian Government money plates, complete with plane loads of special ink, and four plane loads of special paper for printing our money in East Germany, to pay two years salary to Russian soldiers. Refugees brought millions of this money to the United States to set up businesses.
    Nov 1993 Shunning race mixers. Suggestion of imitating Jewish race, by being white only.
    Nov 1993 Jews and the American Revolution .. After the French and Indian War, England possessed one of the largest empires in history, perhaps the largest debt in history—£140 million, approximately one-half of which was incurred during the war. ..
    June 1994 Jewish Board of Deputies, Race Relations Act, and immigration in Britain & Lady Birdwood fined for The Longest Hatred
    Jan 2000 Phony Anthropologist Dies Montague Francis Ashley Montagu, the absurd name that Israel Ehrenberg cooked up for himself before he left England for the U.S., died in Princeton at age 95. Montagu preached that there was no such thing as racial differences ... There is no one who has spread more disinformation about anthropology than Montagu. Good riddance!
Jewish Organizations include of course the ADL (legalistically-titled 'anti-defamation league'), AIPAC, American Jewish Committee, NAACP (Jewish fake human rights for blacks outfit), Southern Poverty Law Center with fake causes ('National endowment for the humanities'). These of course are the overt ones: the vast numbers of pressure groups, pushing immigration into white countries, aren't listed in detail Instauration cover design

Science and Technology are not well-represented in Instauration; nobody would guess the late 20th century was the most technically advanced—and ruthless—ever; or that techies displayed very low ethical standards; or that much of the supposed progress was fraudulent.
    Sept 1976 Malthus, world food supplies: standard doom article, but with no very wide view
    July 1978 To those in the know, this is amusing as a total failure to understand science frauds: '.. it can hardly be supposed they will permit American space triumphs to endure much longer and not apply the same brakes they did to the development of America's nuclear weaponry, nuclear power plants and the American war effort in Vietnam. ..' On NASA, completely naive acceptance. Part of the money angle is to look at it as a percentage: The yearly cost of the American space program, enormous as it may seem, was never more than a tiny fraction of America's gross national product, and in no case cost more than welfare spending for Negroes. It's a tragedy Instauration hadn't twigged the effect of borrowing, so costs are spread far into the future, and therefore less noticeable.
    July 1980 'The Road to Infinity' is a painfully naive piece on space travel and so on, probably unconsciously based on Hollywood and 1950s books.
    Apr 1987 AIDS. 5-page anonymous piece on AIDS, with some emphasis on Africa (including a map). Worth reading to show the impact of a calculated fear campaign when it was new (it was invented in 1984). The virological basis of the scare has, now. been shot to pieces years ago. A haunting reminder of the effects of propaganda. The last ''major' piece on AIDS was their Jan 2000 issue; but all it does is quote from DNA science, which may, or may not, be reliable.
    I looked up 'fluoridation' (only two mentions anywhere, in 1987 and 1980) but Instauration is too scientifically naive to be concerned.
    Another interesting topic is nuclear fraud. Most people are unaware of this; online comments only began in about 2008, so possibly it's very unreasonable to expect anything from Instauration! Keywords such as Hiroshima, USS Indianapolis, Manhattan Project show no signs of suspicion. But 'nuclear power' has a few doubts: July 1997 remarks on the coincidence of Three Mile Island just after a film, The China Syndrome, was 'released'. Apr 1999 was their last reference, to 'atom spies', under Jewish influence, needless to say.
    July 1987 has a very nice review of Richard Dawkins's The Blind Watchmaker, including sideswipes at Marx, Freud and Einstein. And at Gould & Eldredge—Jewish hacks. The author does not point out, however, that genetics may well explain Jewish hatred and fanaticism. This shades over into the question of the 'Christian Right' (Instauration keeps up the somewhat divide-and-rule distinction between Left and Right, in the Jewish sense).

• Religion I found nothing on the Scofield Bible, generally believed to be one of the wedges infiltrating the 'judeo-Christian' meme. 'Catholic' is one of the most popular keywords in Instauration and covers Italians, Irish, and other Europeans and South Americans. There's some pondering over Christendom and whites. I *think* later issues show increasing awareness that the Church and its Popes may be under Jewish influence.
    I found nothing on the detail of US Christian groups; perhaps I missed them; or perhaps it's simply too painful a task to trawl through beliefs which seemed modern in 1600, but not now, but are held apparently by about 60 million Americans.
    July 1979 ' ... the Bible is a much greater Jewish hoax than the one about the six million. To our list of freedoms I hope we will someday be able to add freedom from religion. Quite frankly, I am not fond of seeing these tax-exempt witch doctors get a free ride. ...' is one view.
    May 1985 comments on fundamentalism: ... School prayer is a "vital issue" ... for the fundamentalist kooks, cranks and troglodytes engaged in the bombing of abortion clinics. But not for Instaurationists. Many of us have been so strongly attached to lnstauration because it dared to articulate a progressive philosophy for a progressive race. In this it stood in sharp contrast to the dumb bozos of the so-called "Christian Right," who now combine an odd blend of reactionary social philosophy, servile pro-Zionism, traditional conservative fiscal sentiments, along with cowardly silence about the American racial crisis. Instauration has also refrained from taking the sort of hard line anti-Christian position which many pro-Majority groups are now taking, thus not alienating those of us who feel uncomfortable with such a stance and, perhaps more importantly, not splitting the ranks with theological disputation at a time when we can least afford it. There are many things going on in America's public school classrooms which are of infinitely greater significance to us than school prayer.
    Aug 1999 I was pleased to see that debates on the existence of Jesus, as a genuine historical figure, were discussed.

• U.S.S.R. ['Union of Soviet Socialist Republics'] and, after Dec 1991, Russia and other states: Russia occupies a lot of Instauration's pages.
    There has (of course!) been intense propaganda against Russia (as with Germany) since about 1900, and most Americans and Britons to this date can't get away from this conditioning. To those naive about the press, it seems natural. And: not many Americans have Russian ancestors, but many 'Americans' have ancestors from Russia (and Poland, Hungary etc), which adds to the propaganda force. Here's a brief guide (some of this material, notably nuclear-related stuff, is fairly new to me)
    Jewish violence before 1914. (E.g. a search on 'pogroms' in June 1999 turned up: Chosenite General Wesley Clark (né Kanne) is the Supreme Commander of NATO's air assault against Serbia. His grandfather was a Russian-Jewish immigrant, Jakob Nemerovsky, who quit Russia in the 1890s, fleeing, he said, a pogrom. He made it to Switzerland on a forged passport. Instauration was too early for searching examination of claimed 'pogroms' (such as the work of Andrew Joyce).
    Lenin and others in Europe
    The 'Russian Revolution' (i.e. coup by Jews)
    Other Jewish revolutions: Bela Kun, Kurt Eisner etc
    GULag 'archipelago', Ukraine famine etc, Dec 1995 includes, in a discussion of the depths of Jewish deception in Holocaust lies, the first mention of Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago (vol. 1).
    Dec 1980 has a piece on Solzhenitsyn on Jews (rather than 'Communists') and the resulting closing off of his influence.
    Second World War. Jews make Stalin an ally!
    Growth of the 'Holocaust' fraud combined with suppression of WW2 truths, such as Vlasov (Oct 1976) and
        Memory of Crimes Past The cruelest genocide of the century was the Soviet roundup of German civilians in 1945 in Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia. Those who survived were driven from their tidy cities, villages and farms, never to return. Ancient German homelands became foreign territories occupied by aliens. This ethnic cleansing was accomplished by our Communist friends and allies, experts in murder and plunder. In those dark years not so much as a murmur of protest was heard, no small sign of sympathy was given, no mercy or succor offered to the victims. For 50 years this genocide has gone unpunished, almost unnoticed. Brits and Americans might well pause now and then to remember how they stood silent while unparalleled crimes were being committed. Uneasy must rest the guilty minds of those who now sleep nights in Breslau, Stettin and Konigsberg. (June 1999)
        American mediacrats have decided how to deal with Eisenhower's cowardly murder of a million German soldiers who laid down their arms after WWII. They will ignore this crime of crimes. Psychologically unable to cope with the terrible reality and its ramifications, they will reaffirm the official policy that Allied war crimes will not be acknowledged. The ignorant masses will babble on about the terrible Nazis. To decide by not deciding, that is how the base and cynical game will be played.
    'Cold War', 'nuclear weapons' scares, 'atom spies', hostility to 'Communism', 'Voice of America', Cuba Crisis etc, as Jewish constructions. March 1990 has a piece on Armand Hammer as part of the Jewish multinational conspiracy. April 1993 reviews George Kennan on (in effect) how he helped the Cold War to be manufactured by Jews. (My wording, not yet theirs).
    Having ruined Russia, moves to get Jews out.
    Dec 1991: USSR reshapes itself, supposedly to the surprise of 'intelligence' agencies. In fact the finances must have been plotted over a long time.

Mar 1990 has a piece including German-speaking Mennonites murdered in the USSR. Lenin and Stalin's victims must have included many entire ethnic groups, though as yet these remain ignored by the Jewish media and education controllers. I don't think Instauration was in much of a position to research Russian and other archives. Note that Arthur Koestler's 'The Thirteenth Tribe' of Khazars or Kazakhs, of Khazaria or Khazakstan, was published in 1976, and reviewed favourably in March 1977.

• Sex, Families, Children, Races etc.
    Nov 1980: Archaeology. Kennewick man claims; and suppression as it affects claims of whites to the Americas
    July & Aug 1987 Illegal Immigration and the End of Innocence THE IMMIGRATION REFORM and Control Act of 1986 is one of the colossal hoaxes of American legislative history, a deliberately designed hoax whose sole purpose is to pacify the increasingly dispossessed and practically disenfranchised segment of the American population that is rapidly being transformed from a bare majority to a minority. Two-part article; largely (at that time) on Mexico. Remember this pair of articles is at the time of writing nearly thirty years old.
    June 1999 Majority Kids More At Risk If your child is sexually abused by some queer, have no fear. A study by three psychologists reports that pedophiles don't cause their victims any permanent psychological damage. The trio who signed this malignant manifesto consisted of Bruce Rind of Temple University, Phillip Tromovitch of the University of Pennsylvania and Robert Bauserman of the University of Michigan—minorities or faggots one and all. Why would any human being try to downplay the horrible effects of sexual child abuse? Anything to stick it to the Majority [whites] whose children are usually more attractive than minority kids and therefore more likely to draw the attention of queers.
    Aug 1999 Think of the year 1900. Silesia, East Prussia and Pomerania were German, Harlem was a white neighborhood, Palestine was Palestinian, the Czar ruled Russia and there probably weren't more than a few thousand "people of color" in Great Britain. With the possible exceptions of penicillin and sliced bread, I sometimes think that I'd gladly forgo all of this century's "changes for the good," if it also meant forgoing the not-so-good ones. [The author forgets there were large numbers of 'Jews' in London and New York]
    Aug 1999 Far from advocating a Festung Europa, ['Fortress Europe'] I fervently believe in an Imperium Europa, comprising the European heartland and Europe Overseas: Australia, Northern U.S., Canada, the South American sub-Amazonian white cone and the whole of sub-Saharan Africa—all linked together politically, economically and, most important, racially. An intercontinental white consortium will keep the global Pax Europea. Who can stop us? Who can stop 450 million white European heartlanders and maybe 200 million more overseas? Who? Only those still suffering from the liberal disease, with their platitudes about racism and their self-induced guilt.
*Worth mentioning: Francis Bacon's Instauratio Magna was a 17th-century work, more or less completed, from 1620, by 1640. About fifty years later, Newton's Principia reshaped the whole of science and mathematics. Bacon must have seemed outdated to new generations. However he put a lot of emphasis on looking at evidence, collecting examples, classifying materials, in the hope that overarching principles might emerge or be noticed. Probably his attitude sprung from the observations of Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo, which ultimately led to a theory, though Bacon could not have known that. And the progress of anatomy and physiology, plus the effects of travel on the knowledge of life forms around the world. And magnetism and electricity, which, at the time, were collections of strange observations, such as the earth's magnetic field, amber and what is now called static electricity, Otto von Guericke's experiments, St Elmo's fire, and lightning. Bacon's principle of simple observation and enumeration, applied to fairly simple enumeration of Jews and their activity, of course points unambiguously to Jews as malign agents. Maybe that helps Jews try to give primacy to what appear to be abstract or difficult ideas.[Top]
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